ACTi release new indoor speed dome camera

ACTi release new indoor speed dome camera
The new B934 speed dome from ACTi brings 360° endless pan and 30x zoom for indoor surveillance making it an especially suitable choice for large areas such as shopping malls, airport halls or train stations. The camera can also be flush-mounted into the ceiling for a discreet look.

The powerful, 30x optical zoom lens paired with full HD image sensor enables recognition of faces that are more than 250 meters (820 feet) far.

The model comes with Extreme WDR, allowing it to produce accurate imagery in complicated lighting environments, such as those having both strong shadows and variable lighting. The Superior Low Light Sensitivity technology ensures that the image is clear also in environments with limited visible light.

The Auto Tracking technology allows it to automatically follow people in the monitored area. The image of the moving object is always clear, no matter how far or in which direction from the camera. The operator can effortlessly manage more cameras at the same time as they do not need to manually control their PTZ.

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