IDIS introduces robust and highly secure solution

IDIS introduces robust and highly secure solution
IDIS will begin to show their Building Information Modeling (BIM) capability.

With the required use of BIM for all major public sector construction projects, IDIS will demonstrate how it can support the construction industry buying chain with its newly released BIM files. A major evolution beyond the origins of Computer Aided Design, BIM capability will make IDIS surveillance part of a unified framework for the lifecycle management of building assets from design, construction to operations and maintenance.

Commenting, Billy Hopkins, Technical Manager, IDIS Europe, said: "BIM is revolutionising the way buildings are designed, implemented and operated by integrating what were previously silos across the building lifecycle. It's important for us as a surveillance manufacturer to embrace BIM to support the construction industry in reducing procurement costs, allowing smoother integration of building assets and in doing so help ensure buildings are smarter and more efficient."

The company will also demostrate network security through true plug-and-play that minimises the level of human risk during implementation together with proprietary protocols and file structures that makes them incredibly difficult to breach.

In addition, IDIS offers highly robust video footage integrity through its patented Chained Fingerprint algorithm. Every single neighbouring image is chained with a finger print value. This chained finger print value is stored along with the images so that when images are exported if the chain is broken this signifies the possibility of tampering. This is incredibly important in terms of evidence as very often video footage is dismissed in courts because tampering cannot be ruled out. This together high quality full-HD and 4K resolution and resilient network security make IDIS solutions incredibly attractive to both local authorities and central government agencies as well as large enterprises. 

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