IDIS monitors Netherlands' recycling center

IDIS monitors Netherlands' recycling center
When Dar came to construct a new ultramodern recycling center at its headquarters located in Kanaalstraat in Nijmegen, they looked to electrical engineering company, Huisman Etech Experts, based on their proven record of delivering reliable and thorough services. Huisman Etech Experts were appointed to carry out all wiring both in and around the new recycling center, the placement of lighting poles as well as the installation of a video surveillance system

Once complete and operational, the fully automated, modern and well thought-out recycling facility allowed the residents of the city of Nijmegen to dispose of their household waste and use a 'Dar-waste-card' to give them access to the site.

One of the advantages of the new automated recycling center was the huge cost savings achieved in the area of personnel. The site previously employed thirteen staff on shift and another eight full-time. The new facility allowed Dar to reduce the number of employees to five and achieve significant on-going cost savings.

However, with fewer personnel on site the challenge now was to prevent residents outsmarting the system such as only half parking on the weighbridge to reduce their waste recycling fees. The new surveillance system needed to provide a clear view of the route taken by residents from their arrival to the point of leaving where payment is taken.

Dar consulted closely with Huisman Etech Experts regarding the requirements and performance needed. Most critical was the speed at which images could be saved and backed up and as well as data and network security. Dar also needed to be able to quickly retrieve footage at any given time from a whole day to minute by minute. In addition, the company wanted to integrate some of its legacy cameras in order to manage a phased upgrade as well as integrate with their own operations management system and it seemed conventional video management software (VMS) was not up to the job.

Huisman Etech Experts prides itself as an innovative partner offering a complete range of electrical engineering services. The family run company employs over 300 expert engineers that embody the company's values of quality, flexibly and solution focused thinking. It was this ethos that saw the company approach IDIS and identify IDIS Solution Suite as the only VMS that met with all of Dar's requirements. As well as implementing IDIS Solution Suite, Huisman Etech Experts installed a range of IDIS DirectIP Full-HD cameras, automatic number plate recognition as well as integrating some of Dar's legacy cameras.

One of the most important system requirements was to easily and quickly secure images and IDIS Solution Suite provided the backup module, storage capability, level of redundancy and speed that Dar were looking for. The user-friendly system also integrates into Dar's own front end system that gives staff operational notifications. Once a notification is received, the Dar management team decide whether they need to view related footage, and when that situation arises they need instant retrieval.

IDIS DirectIP Full-HD cameras now monitor the entire Dars Kanaalstraat site that features Dar's main offices, warehouses in which waste is separated, material warehouses as well as the new ultramodern recycling center.

Dramatically improving the safety and security of the facility for both staff and residents, the IDIS solution is also enabling:
  • Capture of car registration plates on arrival
  • Rapid identification of fraudulent activity at the weigh bridge such as cars only half parking on the bridge or people stepping out of their vehicles
  • Prevention of damage to materials as residents drive around the recycling areas
  • Fast identification and prevention theft particularly within the electronic appliances area
  • Monitoring of dangerous points where cars and trucks intersect avoiding accidents.

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Central Monitoring / Management Software

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