IDIS debuts the DR-8364 recorder for video suveillance

IDIS debuts the DR-8364 recorder for video suveillance
IDIS DR-8364 offers 64 channels and Full HD, live, recording, and remote, with a total incoming throughput of 900Mbps (recording 400Mbps / remote 500Mbps), and expandability up to 24 HDD. Further, the DR-8364 records video data with levels of redundancy traditionally only found with a server-based VMS, including storage level redundancy through native RAID 1/5/10 and support for recording redundancy with IDIS Smart Failover, which provides up to 24 hours of uninterrupted recording to an SD card, in the event of a connection failure, with automatic syncing to the DR-8364 afterward. Power supply redundancy is offered with the dual-power supply DR-8364D model.

The IDIS DR-8364 is also purpose built with security and data integrity in mind. Proprietary IDIS protocols provide additional levels of security and support SSL encryption. A physically separate camera subnetwork limits direct access to IP cameras, increasing network security.

IDIS's implicit camera pairing reduces the complexity of managing authentication information,

while the IDIS iBankDB, a proprietary multimedia database optimized for video surveillance applications, provides robust and efficient management and storage of multimedia data. Additionally, IDIS's Chained Fingerprint technology can be used to detect tampering of recorded data.

Notes Andrew Myung, President of IDIS America, "IDIS continues to push past traditional boundaries to meet market needs through innovative technology. The IDIS DR-8364 NVR delivers world-class specifications and functionality and enterprise-level operation with a single NVR, managing both cost and complexity. This delivers technical capabilities and cost advantages to the marketplace in ways that were previously unseen. IDIS will always look for the unresolved needs our partners and customers face and to the technological innovations that can meet them in an affordable way."

As with all offerings in the IDIS flagship DirectIP line up, the DR-8364 is part of a complete end-to-end system that includes recorders, cameras, monitors, and accessories, working seamlessly together to offer little to no latency in live monitoring. The DR-8364 offers third party IP camera protocol support and offers true plug-and-play through DirectIP, with fully automatic device discovery and configuration.

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