GET Group NA Partners with Speed Identity for biometric live capture solutions

GET Group NA Partners with Speed Identity for biometric live capture solutions
GET Group North America, a provider of high-assurance security solutions that enhance identity, credential, and access management (ICAM) operations, announced that it has entered into an exclusive reseller agreement with Speed Identity, a leading global provider of solutions for biometric security, to offer biometric live capture solutions to the North American market.

Biometric identification technology uses physiological characteristics for identity authentication and verification. As a leading systems integrator, GET Group NA is partnering with Speed Identity to provide a biometric capture solution featuring live enrollment capabilities so that all captured biometric data is collected at one time, ensuring data is securely tied to the applicant. This reduces enrollment time to just a few minutes; secures the process from application input to immediate ID document production output; and enables compliance with the highest standards and regulations for biometric data. Virtually all high-end security documents used for travel, airports, government agencies, nuclear plants, and other facilities and organizations where security is vital, are increasingly moving toward the use of biometrics for identity screening.

“At GET Group North America, we pride ourselves on offering the best and most cutting-edge ICAM technologies from around the world and, as such, are pleased to have Speed Identity’s biometric capture solution as part of our robust identity management technology portfolio,” said Alex Kambanis, Managing Director for GET Group NA. “Biometric systems are considered to be the most efficient method in the world when it comes to access controls, identification and authentication, and applications for e-passports and identity cards, and help combat identity fraud.

“Through this partnership, our solution will now be readily accessible to a customer base in the North American market, who will also get the benefit of GET Group North America’s advanced personalization capabilities and the expertise of its seasoned North American presence,” said Björn Alldén, CEO at Speed Identity.

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