Texas Health Huguley Hospital continues 3xLOGIC access control expansion

Texas Health Huguley Hospital continues 3xLOGIC access control expansion
3xLOGIC, a provider of integrated intelligent security solutions announced that Texas Health Huguley Hospital, located in Ft. Worth and a member of Adventist Health System, continues to roll out its 3xLOGIC Intelli-M Professional access control system to an ever larger number of doors and entrances.

With 46 hospital campuses and more than 8,300 licensed beds in 10 states, Adventist Health System facilities incorporate the latest technological advancements and clinical research to serve more than 4.7 million patients annually.

“We had experience with other access control systems,” said Stan Smith, Safety and Security Manager for Texas Health Huguley Hospital, “and those systems were highly proprietary. We liked the flexibility of 3xLOGIC’s open system and we liked the price point.”

Texas Health Huguley Hospital has the access control system installed throughout their campus. Currently, about 75 doors are under management and Smith forecasts a total of 170 doors will be covered upon full deployment. “We can run the system to any location, whether we’re networked or not,” Smith explained. “We’ve got another building a couple of miles away, and we program a module, take it over there, and our badges work in both locations.”

The hospital just opened a new tower and the goal was to extend the 3xLOGIC system to the new building, starting with exterior doors and then moving inside. To date, Texas Health Huguley has been doing its own installation, however the new tower was installed using outside contractor help and then the hospital has taken over administration.

John McCoy, Locksmith for the hospital, has been 3xLOGIC Access Control Certified and he is the main administrator for the system. Stan Smith has a similar level of user experience and there are also four other employees trained to do basic system functions. Texas Health Huguley Hospital has over 1500 employees plus 350 doctors, making for more than 1800 users managed by the 3xLOGIC system.

All users are divided into about 50 groups, each group with separate, programmed access based on day, time, location and length of access privilege. As part of a large corporation, Texas Health Huguley uses the same badges as all other Adventist employees. The 3xLOGIC system’s flexibility allows Smith and McCoy to, for example, program three badges for visiting Adventist executives to grant full access throughout the facilities but only for a set time period.

Texas Health Huguley started installing two plus years ago and, “The system is working fine, just how we expected,” reported Smith. Thus far, Smith and his team are not as yet using the system’s alert feature but they’re working with IT to get alerts up and running. To date, there have been no major incidents for which staff needed to access system data, however Smith reports that they do frequent the Events Log to confirm events and solve any issues that arise. “It’s nice, we can tell real quickly who is here and if they badged in.”

Aside from system expansion, Smith and his team are looking forward to synching door open and close times with Outlook meeting schedules. “It’s just safer and better when we don’t have lots of keys flying all around,” Smith commented. “And I like the lock-down feature, that’s great. Also, if one module goes down, one door goes down; not 4 doors or 16 doors like other systems.” Smith reports installation has been smooth so far, and the hospital is planning to eventually replace all existing keypads with badging.

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