GJD D-TECT reduces false alarms at Manchester school

GJD D-TECT reduces false alarms at Manchester school
Reducing false alarms in a South Manchester school provides the RVRC with an invaluable lesson in external PIR detectors.

Initially the school had an external video surveillance system installed by an NSI Gold installation company using “Conventional External PIR’s”. However, shortly after installation the system generated a high number of false alarms.

Owing to the huge number of false triggers, the company urgently needed to provide a viable and economic solution. This saw the original PIR’s replaced with GJD’s external D-TECT 3 PIR detectors, which are proven to drastically reduced nuisance triggers by an impressive 85%. Furthermore, the D-TECT 3 significantly outperforms the more expensive products on the market as it is easy to install, aesthetically pleasing and more resistant to attack compared to other PIR’s.

Since the new detectors were installed, the school confirmed that whenever the system was triggered, a genuine activation was confirmed.

Key facts
On-site performance data - comparing GJD’s D-Tect’s to competitive detectors
  • False alarms reduced from 220 to 3
  • Environmental alarms reduced from 162 to 1
  • Wildlife alarms reduced from 257 to 2

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