VIVOTEK brings IP surveillance solutions to telecommunications company

VIVOTEK brings IP surveillance solutions to telecommunications company
Challenges and/or security issues
AXTEL is a Mexican telecommunications company offering internet broadband, telephone and pay television services, as well as ICT solutions (Information and Communication Technologies) and thus needs to guarantee excellent customer service and a fast and secure billing service.

The video surveillance system must incorporate cutting edge monitoring technology through a flexible and user-friendly intranet which produces reports adapted to company requirements, prioritizing the access areas. It should include PTZ and audio streaming capable cameras to record conversations with customers and suppliers for 30 days.

Proposed solution
After carrying out thorough tests of voice and data streaming with a bandwidth of 128 Kbps for each camera, the brand VIVOTEK was chosen.

The local partner Novalan Computadoras y Redes planned to install a system of IP PTZ cameras with Constant Bit Rate which guarantees the correct and uniform use of bandwidth shared with other applications.

An implementation of a camera with at least 10x optical zoom to be able to see the customer face and the banknotes denomination when opening the register machine, as well as to identify clearly the personnel from the valuables transportation company.

"If we manage to monitor our collection over the counter in real time, timely detect and correct errors, and focus to offer the best customer service, the implementation of cameras will have been a success", said Mr. José Alfredo De León Jasso, Human Resources officer.

Implementation details
Thanks to the implemented technology, the users can survey the premises and identify objects and people day and night, locally or remotely, clearly and hassle-free.

To achieve this, 165 cameras were installed in two separated stages: the first stage included only the MAPS and the second the customer service modules at year end. Also were implemented 74 Cisco PoE switches, 6 NVRs, 12 monitoring stations which include 42 inch screens and audio headsets.

The recording and monitoring equipment was installed in different buildings for security reasons. Dedicated links were used to connect each module with the corporative platform, assuring that data streaming was not affected, and the special features of CBR and Qos were set up in each switch and camera configuration.

The NVRs have 15 TB of storing capacity and include the VAST system which enables a fast response, from one single screen, to live monitoring and recorded streaming.

Product Adopted:
Network Cameras

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