John Carroll University deploys Axis to protect traveling exhibition

John Carroll University deploys Axis to protect traveling exhibition
When the Department of Theology and Religious Studies applied to a nationally renowned museum to host one of its traveling exhibitions, part of the contractual agreement included steps for securing the displays against vandalism. Though the museum only required that the exhibition be staffed during open hours and that the room be locked after hours, the department wanted to take security to a higher level by installing network video cameras to aid staff in monitoring the space during and after visiting hours.

With help from Citi Electrical Inc., an electrical contractor in Cleveland, OH, the university’s IT Services Department installed four HDTV-resolution network cameras in the room housing the temporary exhibition. The cameras were connected to the university’s existing network through drop boxes in the ceiling and controlled by a Lenel video management system. Live video was streamed 24/7 to the Theology and Religious Studies conference room desktop where authorized faculty and staff could remotely monitor exhibit activity throughout the day. Video was also archived in case there was any need for forensic review.

The university believes that the conspicuous display of surveillance cameras coupled with a prominent sign thanking Axis Communications for the loan of the cameras served as excellent deterrents. In the six weeks that the university hosted the exhibition, there was not a single incident.

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