icomply launches monitored intruder detection for freight industry

icomply launches monitored intruder detection for freight industry
New security innovation enables freight drivers to keep UK law by protecting vehicles from unwanted intrusion. Combining latest generation low light/ thermal cameras and video analytics to detect and report vehicle intrusion, icomply’s fr8Watch brings real-time video verification and monitored intruder detection to the freight transport industry.

UK Law states that it is drivers’ responsibility to ensure their vehicles’ seals have not been broken into and that migrants haven’t entered their vehicles illegally. icomply’s new intrusion detection solution takes away any doubt by providing fail-proof, always on, real time, monitored security.

“fr8Watch is the only always on, real time, monitored intrusion detection solution for the freight industry. Recognizing that there is no one size fits all solution for this sector, we have developed an affordable, customizable solution combining latest generation low light, infra red camera and video analytics to detect and report vehicle intrusion as it happens,” explains Hugh Baker, Managing Director at icomply.

“It works by fitting low light capable, high definition video surveillance cameras discretely within trailers to monitor vehicles’ interiors and perimeters, and a discretely located ruggedized “black box” of technology, complete with lockable hot swap HDD for evidential purposes. When the virtual trip wires are breached - alarms are triggered to the security team and video is simultaneously recorded on board and streamed to a secure web portal. icomply are also offering a 24/7 monitoring service."

“The fr8Watch technology is able to automatically determine the bandwidth it has available for streaming live images and adjusts the quality of picture automatically."

Authorized users (drivers and freight companies’ security services, for example) can access our web portal by phone, tablet, laptop or desktop once they have received the alarm warning. No special software or app. is required - just checkout the portal using your favorite browser”.

The fr8Watch solution is designed with the specific requirements of each customer in mind. Each solution can incorporate subtle operation variations - in for example cameras used and backup battery life. The solution is packaged in ruggedized vehicle specific chassis with no moving parts using solid state technology.

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