Veracity and Hanwha Techwin's deal for surveillance storage solutions

Veracity and Hanwha Techwin's deal for  surveillance storage solutions
Veracity is pleased to announce that Hanwha Techwin will soon be able to provide Veracity’s COLDSTORE and TRINITY surveillance storage solutions through Hanwha Techwin’s normal distribution channels. The global marketing partnership was formalized in a signing ceremony at Veracity’s headquarters in Prestwick, U.K. Cheol Kyo Kim, President and CEO of Hanwha Techwin and Alastair McLeod, Group CEO of Veracity concluded the deal and are delighted at the prospects of the collaboration. The deal includes the exclusive global rights for Hanwha delivery of the latest tamper-proof IP camera connection system called Linklock, which protects otherwise vulnerable external-to-building IP connections used for IP cameras.

Kim stated, “Our WiseNetIII cameras and sophisticated, professional level SSM video management software supported by COLDSTORE deliver a truly impressive and unique architecture known as TRINITY™. It is an excellent example of how, by working in harmony with our technology partners, Hanwha Techwin has become a one-stop-shop for video surveillance solutions.”

In full agreement, McLeod added, “We are delighted that Hanwha Techwin have recognised the enormous potential of our ground-breaking sequential storage systems and tamper-proof IP transmission technology and we are working closely with them to deliver the solution to the market.”

Veracity and Hanwha Techwin Europe have been working very closely together for some time, examining ways to expand upon those opportunities which integration of their respective technologies can bring. Veracity will be attending the Hanwha Techwin Europe conference at their European HQ in Weybridge next week.

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