Axis sees IP potential across verticals, types of business

Axis sees IP potential across verticals, types of business

In a security world that is rapidly migrating to IP, Axis Communications, long a pioneer in this area, finds itself in a particularly ideal position to offer advanced network solutions across verticals and businesses of different sizes.

According to Bodil Sonesson, VP of Sales at Axis Communications, the benefits of IP-based security and technologies extending from it, such as video analytics, are manifold.

“Security investments are expanding beyond being just used to observe situations in a passive way. Advanced video analytics can detect potential bad behavior before it even happens and help shape response strategies,” she said. “It also provides business intelligence that can help companies operate more efficiently and profitably, further justifying their investment.”

Another advantage of IP is it enables hosted service that end users from different sectors find helpful. “This is an area of growing interest from customers of all sizes and markets who recognize the operational efficiency, costs advantages, and enhanced security and storage/capacity benefits this model offers,” Sonesson said. “The ability to access security camera streams remotely or on mobile devices is particularly appealing in terms of convenience as well as in addressing resource constraints.”

Increased adoption

In Sonesson’s words, IP-based security is picking up in different parts of the world and is seeing increased adoption across vertical markets and businesses of different sizes, from enterprises to SMBs.

In terms of geographical region, North America and Asia are seeing the biggest growth. “North America is the market where the investments in overall solutions have progressed furthest. New use of network video, improved overall offerings, and added-value services are creating continued opportunities,” Sonesson said. “The market for network security solutions is growing rapidly in large parts of Asia and the growth rate in the region is rising faster than the global market as a whole. The growth rate was particularly strong in Northern Asia, and the Chinese market is continuing to grow in importance.”

As for vertical markets, IP brings value to retail, which can leverage the business intelligence and operational efficiency IP allows. Sectors such as transportation and smart city can also benefit from IP and its scalability and integrative capability.

“In transportation, the challenge is to cover a greater amount of area, property, and facilities with surveillance capabilities so we see a strong move toward upgrading traditional analog systems to IP network solutions for increased scalability and cost-saving over the long term,” Sonesson said. “In smart cites, we are seeing a move toward IoT to connect more cameras and sensors into an integrated network that improves security and offers greater conveniences for city dwellers.”

Benefits for businesses of different sizes

While IP surveillance has been deployed in large organizations and enterprises, more and more it has found its way into small and medium businesses, which have realized the benefits IP brings.

“In general, the types of solutions and use models that have in the past been mainly used by large organizations and enterprises are now becoming more accessible to SMBs. Smaller-size operations are realizing the cost effectiveness and long-term ROI of such an investment compared to traditional analog solutions,” Sonesson said.

“In order to meet market demand, Axis will continue to develop and release a large number of innovative products, refine the partner network, recruit more employees, and continue to expand globally.”

From retail to transportation to smart cities, end users have increasingly become aware of the benefits of IP-based security. Enterprises aside, more SMBs are also looking to IP for business performance enhancement. All this said, Axis will continue to pioneer IP solutions targeting these segments as a way to ensure its long-term growth and viability in the market.

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