Synectics releases new airport white paper

Synectics releases new airport white paper
Surveillance solutions are ideally positioned to help airport operators manage, make sense of, and use data from multiple site systems. It's an opportunity outlined in the new white paper developed by global surveillance business, Synectics.

Year-on-year passenger traffic growth, coupled with the need to guard aviation infrastructure against rapidly evolving and varied threats – both physical and cyber – mean that airport security has never been more important.

Demand for innovative and effective technologies to protect these vital global transport assets is greater than ever. Annual airport security market revenues are predicted to reach $12.67 billion by 2023 as a result.

New research has identified two key trends driving this growth forward: big data management and systems integration. The white paper looks at how integrated surveillance solutions can improve departures and check in process, arrivals and onward journeys, as well as situational awareness.

The paper explores specific scenarios relevant to different areas of airport operations and the technologies applicable to each one. It also includes a surveillance checklist which answers the most common questions airport operators have about implementing surveillance solutions.
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