Nedap Lunch & Learn sessions certified by CPD

Nedap Lunch & Learn sessions certified by CPD

The Lunch & Learn sessions that Nedap developed as a part of its Consultant Programme have been certified by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service. The Certification Service is the leading independent accreditation institution for the United Kingdom. CPD is becoming a more and more mandatory segment of a construction professionals career development.

Ross Bale, Security Expert at Nedap says: “We believe that we, manufacturers, and consultants should exchange market and product knowledge to ensure that end users get a security system that truly meets their needs. That’s why we’re developing close working relationships with consultants, for whom Nedap has appointed single points of contact.

​"For example, I’m personally supporting consultants in the UK with projects and answer any questions they may have,” he adds. ”We also started giving Lunch & Learn sessions on location, which aim to share knowledge and experience. These sessions don’t serve as a platform for promoting brand-specific products or solutions. They cover industry trends, including technological developments and legislation. For this reason, they have been certified by the CPD Certification Service as appropriate material to improve the professional knowledge of consultants. The sessions provide expert insight to support consultants in giving their clients the very best service. At the same time, the sessions enable us to learn from their practical experiences.”

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