Geutebruck secures Vodafone Arena in Instanbul

Geutebruck secures Vodafone Arena in Instanbul
Geutebruck's video solution has been selected to offer the latest security technology to guard the brand new Vodafone Arena, a multi-purpose stadium in Instanbul that will be the new home of the Beşiktaş Football Club. It has a seating capacity of 41,903 spectators and will house 147 luxury lodges and 2,150 VIPs.

In the heart of the video surveillance system that was designed by ENMAR and installed by HEG Building Technologies, are three Geutebruck expert servers from the G-Scope video management family. They provide a maximum level of redundancy with flexibility and scalability. This makes them the ideal component for demanding individual video security solutions such as this brand new stadium.

The integrated RAID system is highly appreciated while its unlimited scalability and flexibility might be needed soon: 1-3 U each with up to 16 hard disk slots, connection option for additional external RAIDS and JBODs and integrated server operating system are important technical features. So if longer recording periods may be required during football season, the integration of further storage capacity will be easy and feasible at any time.

For the time being, eight G-VStations accommodate 243 sets of 3rd-party cameras, providing an excellent overview of everything happening. Six of them will be used for a huge monitor wall, the other two will support two operators in their daily business. These are high performance evaluation, analysis and processing units for networking G-Scope systems. They all have a pre-installed viewer software and can connect monitors using three different interfaces. The devices already have an inbuilt DVD/RW drive to export security relevant images onto DVD media making life easier when video proofs are needed.

The high level of Geutebruck's image protection against tampering is another important benefit to the end-user and was one of the main reasons for choosing Geutebruck products. The Vodafone Arena is not the only one focusing on it. Recently a lot of forensic cases have been solved by video surveillance systems in Turkish stadiums. Accredited by jurisdiction, the video material serves as important proof when solving critical incidences.

There was another reason for choosing Geutebruck: its capacity of programming perfectly customized sitemaps for the graphical user interface following detailed customer specifications. The resulting clear illustration of the site noticeably increases the security level and the ease of operation. When an incident occurs, live streams, alarms or recorded pictures of the G-Scope systems within the network are not only displayed across multiple monitors but the cameras are as well highlighted on a map pointing out their geographical position. Of course, alarms can be triggered as well via winpak, the card access system of Honeywell. It is part of the total security concept and integrated through the system's open interfaces. The system itself is monitored centrally at the Security Control Center inside the stadium and will operate for the first time in September 2016.

When asked for the specific characteristics and benefits attributed to the Geutebruck equipment, Berkan Antar, Project Engineer at HEG replied, "It is durable, scalable and offers a high level of integration.”

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