MOBOTIX selected by Newcastle United to help protect St. James' Park

MOBOTIX selected by Newcastle United to help protect St. James' Park
MOBOTIX has released details of a project for Newcastle United FC to provide its St James' Park Stadium with a comprehensive IP video system to protect staff, visitors and property.

Being the third largest stadium in the English Premier League, the stadium constantly needs to maintain tight security and health and safety procedures using video surveillance. Their existing system consists of 140 cameras manned by two dedicated control rooms.

According to Eddie Rutherford, Stadium Manager, the two main issues were image quality and maintenance. High quality viewing of the seating areas are necessary for health and safety reasons; however, with their existing PTZ cameras, it was impossible to view wider pictures when it's zoomed in on one section. It was also complex and expensive to access the cameras for repair or maintenance since they are located high up in the roof structure.

With the requirements of better image quality, removing the limitations of manual PTZ and a desire to increase the durability of the video surveillance network, Rutherford began looking at alternatives.

The Football Club began a trial to ensure the IP video technology would be suitable for the stadium. The first 30 MOBOTIX cameras were installed to cover several key areas. These cameras didn't require special PTZ boxes, heaters, or separate power cabling and are adjusted so that they work automatically during the day and during floodlight matches with the same image quality.

With the first installation phase complete, Rutherford plans to install the remaining 100 cameras over the next 36 months. To date, there have been no failures and Rutherford has been extremely impressed by the innovative approach to upgrades as there are optional modules for automatic people counting and thermal imaging.

The combination of diligent management and MOBOTIX technologies will help to ensure that St James' Park continues in its long tradition of both welcoming and protecting all its guests.

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