NUUO Titan NVR helps Namibian government crackdown on corruption

NUUO Titan NVR helps Namibian government crackdown on corruption
In Namibia, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) plays a vital part in the Namibian Government's efforts to prevent and combat corruption. The ACC fulfils this mandate through law enforcement, educating the public and enlisting their support against corruption, and providing advisory services. Due to highly sensitive information in the office, solid and comprehensive data protection is required and must meet high standards. In addition, investigators and prosecutors are constantly faced with physical threats, personnel safety for the staff is thus needed so they can carry out investigations and prosecutions safely and successfully.

The ACC has installed 80 IP cameras on site to ensure the highest level of security inside and outside the office building. IP cameras have been used to monitor the surroundings of the building, main entrances, lobbies, parking, parking areas, hallways, and server rooms. All camera feeds are transmitted to the ACC’s video surveillance control room in the building. Due to the need for future investigations, the agency needs to deploy network video recorders in the control room to store surveillance images, allowing the staff to access and use the images anytime and anywhere.

Given a very tight budget, the government must be economical when building a reliable, robust, and easy-to-use video surveillance system. After a long and careful search, the agency decided to install NUUO’s cost-effective Crystal Titan NVRs due to their advanced and comprehensive recording and management functions.

High Image Quality to Facilitate Investigation Document Security
NUUO Titan NVRs, which can record up to a resolution of 64 megapixels, is equipped with a File Ring recording engine that changes the way hard drives store and retrieve video data. Optimized for handling large amount of megapixel video data, the technology can process high data throughput, thereby boosting recording performance of megapixel cameras to a remarkable throughput of 250 Mbps. The NVRs are excellent for video surveillance applications requiring high bandwidth throughput for multiple megapixel IP cameras.

Efficient Management Architecture to Prevent Unauthorized Access
NUUO Titan NVRs provide an integrated, single platform for the operators to manage the cameras and data easily. They can centrally manage remote PTZ cameras with auto-patrol and programmable views, achieving more effective monitoring of large areas. With NUUO’s proprietary Image Fusion technology which stiches images together from up to 10 different cameras to form a unified single view of a scene or environment, the client can be free from dead angles and narrow hallway views, making video viewing and playback easier.

Large Capacity for Long-term Storage
The client can use several functions to achieve the most efficient use of the storage capacity. For example, the client can set the NVRs to perform event-triggered recording for low-activity regions. With this setting, NVRs will start recording only when movement is detected. The NVR also supports H.264 encoding which reduces a digital video file significantly compared with the Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 Part 2 standard without compromising image quality. Therefore, bandwidth and storage demand by a video file is dramatically lowered.

During security queries, information must be available to people who require it as quickly as possible, anytime and anywhere. This is made easy with NUUO’s Titan solutions as the NVRs provide a centralized recording system accessible from anywhere. On the unified platform, internal units can share and view information easily and investigators can access live/plackback images via their mobile devices while on the move. With dual stream support, the NVRs can provide high-resolution recording and low bandwidth remote view simultaneously.

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