System Galaxy Access Control platform enhancements deliver greater control and situational awareness

System Galaxy Access Control platform enhancements deliver greater control and situational awareness
Galaxy Control Systems, provider of integrated access control, video and security solutions, featured a number of new features and functions available in its System Galaxy Access Control and Management Software. The latest update provides users with tools that enable greater control and management of their access control solution, including the ability to quickly initiate a lockdown in an emergency situation.

“The new feature enhancements we’ve added to System Galaxy provides users with the highest levels of control and situational awareness,” said Robert Laughlin, President at Galaxy Control Systems. “New features like crisis mode are testimony to Galaxy Control Systems’ continued commitment to provide users with the integrated features they need to best protect people, property and assets.”

System Galaxy’s crisis mode feature has been enhanced to allow users to upgrade or downgrade individual access levels as needed, as well as to lock down either specific doors or an entire facility in a panic or crisis situation. For example, if a chemical spill were to occur, crisis mode could be used to lock out everyone except members of the hazmat team – whose access would only be activated when the lockdown occurred – out of that particular area. Crisis Mode is ideal for educational facilities of all sizes.

In addition, System Galaxy has also been enhanced with a new command card feature. Designed for K-12 educational facility control, this capability allows end users to issue access cards that are designated for specific functions based on user-established rules. For example, if an individual has reserved a facility for two hours, they can be issued a card that will unlock the doors and disarm the alarm system for that predetermined amount of time. When two hours have passed, the doors will be locked and the alarm system will be armed automatically.

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