Allegion partners with Zhenro Group in China

Allegion partners with Zhenro Group in China

Allegion, a global provider of security products and solutions, announced that Allegion Security Technologies (China) Co., Ltd., the subsidy of Allegion in China, has successfully signed a two-year strategic cooperation agreement with Zhenro Group, headquartered in Fujian Province of China. And the first delivery has been completed by the end of 2014. According to the agreement, during the following 2 years, all new developed high-end houses by Zhenro Group will be installed with Allegion's Schlage SEL 300 or Schlage SEL-2.0 Series Electronic Anti-Burglary locks on the entrance doors, and the owners will experience the brand-new intelligent life.

Zhenro Group is one of the top large-scale comprehensive developers in China with the capability of asset management and capital operation. Zhenro Group, taking the role as Vice President Enterprise of the China Real Estate Industry Association, has been listed in the China National 1st Class real estate development enterprises and Top 35 of China real estate development enterprises. At present, Zhenro Group has set up subsidies successfully in Economic Zone on the West Coast of the Taiwan Strait, Economic Zone of Central China and Beijing-Tianjing-Hebei region of China, with the business coverage of 12 cities in China, such as Shanghai, Fuzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Nanchang, Changsha, Tianjing, Xi'an, Putian and so on. Zhenro Group's selection on Allegion's smart e-locks for the entrance doors, not only guarantees life safety and property safety of owners, but also improves owners' life quality.

Mr. William Yu, Senior Vice President and President of Asia Pacific, Allegion, appraised the co-operation with Zhenro Group, "Allegion successfully signed strategic cooperation agreement with Zhenro Group is significantly important, because it not only enhances the new developed houses' quality by Zhenro Group, but also strengthens Allegion's confidence to offer great products and service to residential developers. From the day running the business in China, Allegion has been offering all kinds of safety and security solutions and service for different kinds of commercial buildings, public facility buildings and transportation hubs to ensure the safety of people's living, working and travelling. We will continuously introduce more advanced residential security products for the Chinese customers to bring intelligent life experience. “

Allegion is a provider of the world's leading security products and solutions that in more than 120 countries in the world to provide electronic and mechanical security products and solutions to residential and commercial markets, it has 25+ international well-known security brands and covering almost all security links that from residential and commercial locks, door closers, exit devices, electronic access control systems and workforce productivity systems.

Allegion's Schlage SEL 320 Series Electronic Anti-Burglary locks have been certified with the Grade B of GA374-2001 China National Anti-Burglary Standard and the Grade A of GB12955-2008 90-minute fire resistance test and 200,000 times the cycle life test. In addition, its standard anti-burglary lockcase design and three refined casting stainless steel deadbolts make the lock safer. With tamper alarm function, once there is any external tamper on its surface, it will automatically trigger an alarm, then lead to effectively prevent the unauthorized personnel dismantling to open the door. The humanized functions of SEL 320 Series will bring you a new experience with joy. For example, vacation mode function could cater to your flexible unique requirements, while RTC time management function could define some person's limited access time period, such as you can define the limited access time of some card or some password used by nanny into your home. One action exit function simplifies the complex door opening actions of the traditional mechanical locks, without locking and knob turning to open, which shortens the door opening time and offer you more time to run away from the danger to the safe zone.

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