SimonsVoss in strategic partnership with Zaplox

SimonsVoss in strategic partnership with Zaplox

SimonsVoss has entered into a cooperative partnership with Zaplox, a Swedish mobile key system provider, and offers a compact access solution for hotels worldwide.

With integrated into hotel software, the Zaplox cloud solution enables guests to open hotel doors with their smartphone. Guests can also use the app to check in and receive their room key on their smartphone before they even arrive. The app brings great advantages for guests: they do not need to carry a key or card around; queuing at the reception to check in or out becomes a thing of the past as guests can complete these processes using the app. Guests are not required to keep to reception hours when arriving late at night either.

SimonsVoss now offers the ideal complement to this extremely practical system with its digital locking and access control system. Installing SimonsVoss digital cylinders or digital door handles provides hoteliers with an all-inclusive solution consisting of access components and a direct communication platform with customers. Hoteliers can also use the app to provide guests with information on other hotel services such as the restaurant or health spa, for example, or offer them access to the gym. This all-inclusive package also makes key management even more efficient while also saving time and reducing costs.

'SimonsVoss is an important partner for us, which helps in our strategy of offering efficient operation and additional customer benefits. Combining our mobile key system with SimonsVoss products provides true technical and financial advantages,' states Magnus Friberg, CEO at Zaplox.

Bernhard Sommer, CEO at SimonsVoss Technologies, declares: 'We value this partnership very much. This promising, innovative solution enables us to demonstrate once more that we fulfil our role as a technology leader.'

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