EL.MO NETPLUS adopts expandable modules with high interoperability

EL.MO NETPLUS adopts expandable modules with high interoperability

EL.MO. SpA, the Italy-based surveillance manufacturer has brought together the best of technology applied in the safety field in two products— Villeggio and NETPLUS system. EL.MO.NETPLUS, the new hardwired/wireless (with RIVERRF and HALENTE concentrators) intrusion detection control units features 8 triple, double balanced / NC / fast on board inputs, expandable to 16 with split function.

Highly expandable platform
NETPLUS system uses the hardware platform equipped with expansion modules based on Plug&Play principle. It is expandable up to 104 inputs with RIVER series concentrators. Extremely modular, it can grow dimensionally and functionally according to the environment in which it operates. It has a RS485 serial line for the connection of the TRES01485 and TRIAL detectors, RIVER concentrators, and up to 16 control devices such as TATTILO, TATTILOPLUS and ANIMA touch screen keypad, NIRVA and MIDAS keypads, the RS485 I8 serial bus inserters, the ETRZENITH and IZENITH key point flush-mountable box and the PASSLIGHT additional system status indicator.

The completeness of the EL.MO. range is not just complementary, but optimally allows NETPLUS to integrate with a large number of devices. NETPLUS offers unlimited possibilities of management through remote devices, such us traditional telephone, mobile telephone, smartphone, tablet or PC. The applicative field of the remote management includes vocal interaction or via SMS, and involves the management of intrusion detection system and the management of other areas. NETPLUS systems is integrated with management, centralization and supervision and supervision infrastructure of e-Connect systems.

Thanks to this platform, end-user, installers, maintainers and service companies can control, manage and easily communicate with their intrusion detection system through smartphone, tablet and PC anywhere, anytime via internet.

The high interoperability of NETPLUS applies not only tothe modern communication media but also to building automation in civil and industrial environments, based on KONNEX BUS thanks to the suitable optional module.

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