IndigoVision announces record sales of over £37 million

IndigoVision announces record sales of over £37 million

With revenue up 20%, in local currency, to a record £37.2m and high profile projects including the 2014 World Cup and Glasgow Commonwealth Games, IndigoVision continues its strong sales growth through technology innovation and outstanding product performance.

"In the six months to 31 July 2014, IndigoVision continued to enjoy the good growth which was evident in the first six months," stated Marcus Kneen, IndigoVision CEO, "The year saw sales growth in all regions, the strongest in Asia Pacific where sales in local currency grew 29%.

The product portfolio has been strengthened; sales and distribution infrastructure is developing well; and the Group's reputation for quality, innovation, and product performance is at an all time high. The Company's latest HD camera is seen by many as the best performing security camera in the market.

IndigoVision is repeatedly entrusted with high profile projects such as the 2014 World Cup, and the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. These events have global audiences of billions where trust is a key factor in supplier selection, particularly security."

IndigoVision continues to expand in other key markets: "Public safety is a growth area for the Company with over 400 cities and 80 airports now protected by IndigoVision's technology," Marcus continued, "IndigoVision continues to break into new markets including its first casino in Macau.

The last twelve months have seen good growth throughout the business, record sales, and a strong operating performance. More importantly, IndigoVision's position as a key industry innovator has been enhanced through rapid development of our product range, and internal and customer confidence is high."

Looking to the future, Marcus concluded: “Current trading is strong and we expect to report good results for the seventeen months to our new 31 December year end."

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