Bosch delivers integrated solution for Warsaw landmark building

Bosch delivers integrated solution for Warsaw landmark building

Bosch Security Systems has delivered a complete and integrated security solution for the New Union Square, a landmark building at historic Lublin Union Square in Warsaw, Poland. The New Union Square, which has been completed in May 2014, features a 23-story tower with two 7-story bars in a triangular alignment and contains a shopping center, offices and a large parking garage. It has a floor area of more than 100.000 square meters. Completely based on Bosch technology, local partner CORAL installed fire detection, access control, video surveillance and voice evacuation systems, all of them being networked and integrated through the IP protocol and the Bosch Building Integration System (BIS).

The building complex has a central monitoring room from which security staff can control all security systems. Thanks to the tight integration they can correlate events from the different subsystems and thus use all video cameras to verify alarms of the other systems in real time, greatly reducing reaction times and improving both operational and cost efficiency. The fire alarm system has a modular architecture with eight networked fire panels, which support more than 14.000 fire detectors, controls and external devices. In case of an alarm, the evacuation instruction can be distributed to different zones and to any of the installed 3.200 loudspeakers through Bosch's PRAESIDEO digital public address and voice evacuation system. This system is also used to broadcast music and advertisements in the shopping center during business hours.

The video system is comprised of 195 cameras, two servers with the Bosch Video Management System and seven disk arrays with a combined capacity of 110 Terabytes. This is sufficient to store more than one month worth of video data, thereby fulfilling a critical requirement of the building operator. Finally, the access control system features more than 240 readers, securing doors, elevators, reception areas, the main gates and tripod turnstiles.

The entire solution was designed as an integrated security system to combine the highest security level with great efficiency both in operations and cost. Supported by Bosch, CORAL developed and installed the entire solution perfectly in time for the opening.

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