Optex unveils new EMEA headquarters expecting for market growth

Optex unveils new EMEA headquarters expecting for market growth

Optex, the industry-known provider of sensor technology, has just unveiled its new EMEA headquarters. The new headquarters, based in Maidenhead, Berkshire in the United Kingdom, is the company's latest strategy to capture and support customer demands from the continuously growing security market across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

A report from IHS shows that the global market for physical security equipment and services was worth $110 billion in 2012 and is expected to grow to $170 billion by 2017. As stated in the ‘Total Physical Security Equipment and Services – 2013' report, the Americas made up 41 per cent of the worldwide market in 2012, generating $46 billion in revenue, followed by Asia with $33 billion and the EMEA region with $29 billion. Each of these markets is expected to see strong growth over the next few years.

Mike Shibata, chairman of Optex EMEA, commented, “The United Kingdom is an ideal location for us to expand our international reach outside Japan. Currently, 35 percent of our global sale is from Europe, which is just as important as our native Japanese market. In addition, Optex's biggest core business is in security, and the UK has the biggest security market throughout EMEA, so we see lots of opportunities for further growth.”

With the new localization of strategic planning in place and directions straight from EMEA, Optex aims to be the number one in each specialist market with strong customer-oriented strategy. The company's focuses include:

* Creating extra value by integrating surveillance cameras with sensing devices for quicker and more reliable detection of possible threats
* Improving the security level of infrastructure-related facilities such as protection of public facilities against terrorist attacks * Enhancing the effort for advanced outdoor security ‘pre-alarm' penetration that enables advance warning of intruder before break-in happens
* Last, utilizing Optex's technology in automatic door operation safety to comply with European standards for automatic door activation

“I believe that there are an infinite number of opportunities in between sensing technology and human life other than the above. Optex EMEA headquarters has established a mission to develop those new possibilities from the close contact with our customers and regional market place. Our goal is to contribute to a safe and comfortable society. With this in mind, we expect to see future success of Optex in EMEA,” added Mr. Shibata.

The Japanese innovator announced its major investment in the 100 percent share capital of UK lighting manufacturer Raytec in 2012. This partnership allowed the two companies to capitalize on many common synergies in sales and technology bringing both sensor and lighting technologies together. The Raytec brand remains in place and its focus remains firmly on innovation and illumination.

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