Paxton Net2 integrated with NUUO Crystal 2.0 and Mainsconsole 5.0

Paxton Net2 integrated with NUUO Crystal 2.0 and Mainsconsole 5.0

Paxton, UK market provider of electronic access control and door entry solutions, have announced the integration of their network access control system with NUUO's video management system (VMS) and video recording server. Net2 is now integrated with NUUO Crystal 2.0 and Mainsconsole 5.0, offering a complete user experience with a range of sophisticated features.

Integration with the NUUO VMS allows users to link Paxton systems directly with surveillance video, define instant actions for each trigger and receive notifications of alarm events as they occur, as well as perform keyword searches across servers. This integration will provide users with a complete operating experience, reaping the benefits of both access control and VMS under a single interface.

Paxton provides outstanding access control systems which meet the challenges and trends of the security industry. With 30-years experience, they offer engineering technique and create simple yet intelligent and innovative products, ensuring they're intuitive to install, use and maintain.

Founded in 2004, NUUO is a global supplier in surveillance solutions, known for product reliability, prompt service, and innovative thinking. Focusing on open platform development, NUUO has long aimed to make its solutions vendor neutral in order to easy integration with third parties.

Gareth OHara, Paxton Sales and Marketing Director, said: “The Paxton/NUUO integration partnership compliments the strengths of both parties. With Paxton's market-leading Net2 access control integrated video door entry solutions built upon the foundations of being easy to install, configure and operate, feeding into the flexible, comprehensive NUUO management platform – we believe that we have delivered a winning solution to the market. We are looking forward to seeing how installers and integrators respond to the integration and we hope that it will deliver what many have been asking for.”

Graham Goldridge, NUUO Regional Sales Director, said: “NUUO NVR and Paxton access control are highly compatible with one another. The integration of NUUO and Paxton solutions will enable improved efficiency which is extremely beneficial to our mutual customers.”

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