LILIN to unveil latest technologies in Melbourne, Australia

LILIN to unveil latest technologies in Melbourne, Australia

LILIN, the IP Video Surveillance Solutions provider, is excited to be demonstrating a number of new innovative security products and solutions at Security Exhibition & Conference 2014 between 4th and 6th of June at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

Australia has evolved into a significant tech hub that is driving global innovation, and the 3-day event brings together leading technology companies from Australia and the surrounding Oceanian countries. The show is expected to attract more than 4,500 security industry professionals from more than 20 countries, the 2014 Security Exhibition & Conference is the largest event of its kind in Australasia. Also, the show is expected to spotlight the power and future of technology through innovative security solutions.

LILIN stand (booth number: B2) at Security Exhibition is going to present a complete product guide, from IP cameras featuring with 120FPS frame rate, 4K UHD, to Auto Focus technology. In addition to advanced network cameras, LILIN Australia will be showcasing the latest Remote Monitoring solutions – SOLARIS (Solar Outputs Logical Automation Reporting Inputs Security). SOLARIS Remote Monitoring technology is fully automated Cloud or server based services solutions, which allows for widespread access for stakeholders in concert with integration into conventional security reporting frameworks. In partnership with RMTeK, LILIN Australia has brought to market, the Remote Monitoring applications and associated hardware to meet the monitoring needs of various Government, corporate and small-to-medium business market segments. SOLARIS solutions provide total industrial control, vision, and data collection from remote locations and/or hazardous areas where would otherwise be difficult to monitor. Its Remote Monitoring technology provides you a complete integrated end-to-end solution that enabling you to view and manage your remote sites from anywhere throughout Australia or anywhere in the world.

The next-generation product, LILIN SOLARIS, will enter the Innovative Product Category on day one of the seminar program; only 10 products can be entered in this section — including product demonstrations that allow guests of the exhibition walk away with hands-on SOLARIS product knowledge in Remote Monitoring technology applicable to mining industry, national parks, wildfire monitoring, flood monitoring, traffic flow control, rail system management, and so forth high-value critical infrastructures.

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