NICE Situator deployed in Sochi Olympic Games

NICE Situator deployed in Sochi Olympic Games

Few sports fans want to consider security risks as they embrace the excitement of the Olympic Games. In Sochi, there were some real security worries threatening to overshadow the Games before the first athlete took to the post. However, any fears for the safety of athletes, staff, spectators and the huge investment in infrastructure have been dispelled.

Instead, Russia, its people, and sporting excellence have become the main topics of discussion among the media, largely because of the success of some of the most technologically-advanced security measures ever seen.

Through the deployment of NICE Situator in the lead up to the games, NICE can take plenty of pride in playing an important role in making Sochi a safe host city. The NICE solution is helping to elevate situational awareness by integrating and correlating information from security systems and sensors in use throughout the city. Security officials are able to get a 24/7 real-time view of what's happening with clear guidance on how to respond if an incident does occur.

The Sochi Olympics will go down in history as the most expensive Olympics ever and an event where high-tech security was as much a focus of media attention as the world's top athletes before the opening ceremony. But it is testament to the success of the security measures in place that nobody has mentioned it since. And that's how it should be.

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