Axis captures a burglary suspect with PTZ P5534-E camera

Axis captures a burglary suspect with PTZ P5534-E camera captures a burglary suspect in the act thanks to the PTZ P5534-E camera from Axis Communications, the global supplier in the network video.

Authorities are pouring over footage of the incident, which was captured in crystal-clear high definition by former BBC Springwatch presenter and Axis camera user, Simon King, who had installed Axis' live stream IP recording cameras and iCode's iCatcher CCTV software to monitor the nocturnal comings and goings of a family of urban foxes in London.

Huw Edwards, director at Axis partner, iCode – the security company that installed the system – said: “We have been responsible for installing all of the Axis equipment for Simon, who often films a variety of different animals and streams the live footage on his website for nature-lovers to view. Of course, the main challenge of shooting night-time environments is always the pitch black conditions. However, as you can see from the footage, the poor visibility is not a problem for the Axis camera.”

The camera used by Simon King is the wall-mounted AXIS P5534-E PTZ Network Camera – an integrated networked pan/tilt/zoom camera with a resolutions of up to HDTV 720p and 18x optical zoom.

Commenting on the incident, Simon King said: “The cameras were set up with motion-sensitive software to record all movement. Anyone can view the network of IP cameras live through my website and they will often see animals doing the strangest of things – but this is taking it one stage further! I use a lot of Axis cameras for my wildlife filming and have always been very impressed with their quality and ease of use.”

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