Tosse Reza factory boosts security with VIVOTEK Cameras

Tosse Reza factory boosts security with VIVOTEK Cameras

Tosse Reza is a private Iranian company located in the Quom Province. A manufacturing hub for polymer production, the company provides materials for shoe manufacturers. Their factory is comprised of 7 salons, 3 warehouses, and various other large open areas.

The company, along with their success in business, came a demand for a comprehensive surveillance system on site. Tosse Reza was determined to equip their factory with the best security system; it was a goal that eventually culminated in a major installation of VIVOTEK cameras.

Tosse Reza holds high standards for employee safety both outside on the factory grounds and inside the factory buildings. In order to meet Tosse Reza's demands, 21 CMP, the System Integrator of PFN Technology in Quom province, partnered up with VIVOTEK. Ultimately an IP system using VIVOTEK cameras was agreed upon, an unbeatable price for top quality performance was the major deciding factor. By August of 2013, the project was complete.

In order to ensure that there were no areas of inhibited visibility on the factory site, a specific set of cameras was required. At Tosse Reza, weather conditions and the industrial environment are the biggest culprits when it comes to an obstructed line of vision. Thus, the IP8335H model was used in outdoor areas. Offering one-megapixel resolution, night visibility, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology and IP67-rated weatherproof housing, this camera is capable of handling any type of weather at any time of day.

A camera with similar strengths is the IP8372. This model was selected due to its vari-focal lens, WDR technology, good night visibility, IP67-rated weatherproof housing and superb image quality. The two aforementioned cameras were used for comprehensive coverage of broader on site areas, and a third model was installed in the outdoor corridors at the factory.

The FE8171V, offering 180 degrees panoramic views and IP66-rated weatherproof housing is exceptionally perfect for wide open area like corridors. Among these three models all open areas on the factory grounds and surrounding premises are covered, regardless of weather and lighting conditions.

Moving indoors, 8 FD8335H cameras were installed in the factory salons. This model features a vari-focal lens, WDR technology, and night visibility. Combined with a sleek dome shape, this camera is optimal for indoor environments; it captures every movement without drawing too much attention. Supporting cameras, FD8162 and FD8135H were installed in the monitoring center and factory lab, respectively.

A total of 32 cameras across 6 different models were chosen for the project. All of the equipment was specifically chosen based on their compatibilities with different environments. The line of cameras installed at Tosse Reza all boast extremely high image quality. There are cameras with one-, two-, and five-megapixel resolution among the models selected for the project.

William Ku, Vice President of VIVOTEK's International Business Division, further commented: “Working with the Tosse Reza factory in Iran was a great experience. We were faced with a specific set of requests regarding the project and I think we satisfied each one of them quite nicely. I am happy with the models that we agreed upon, and so is Tosse Reza. We have equipped them with a great line of cameras, and that is what will make the difference in the long run. The factory now has one of the safest working environments in the whole country.”

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