Axis network cameras adopt by Netz TOYOTA AOMORI

Axis network cameras adopt by Netz TOYOTA AOMORI

Netz TOYOTA AOMORI, the Aomori Dealership of Japan's world-famous car manufacturer Toyota relocated in October 2013, opening new premises. This new dealership introduced a license plate recognition system for customers visiting the premises, and this incorporates Axis network cameras.

Originally, the dealership had not planned to introduce this system. However, they saw it already in operation at another dealership in a different prefecture, and witnessed how well it worked, and thus made the decision to go ahead with its installation.

The Aomori dealership carried out internal research and training on how they could increase customer satisfaction, and have been paying much attention to increasing their time interacting with customers and providing them with better service. The introduction of this new system lets dealership personnel immediately confirm details of customers visiting the dealership. This new system enables even higher levels of customer satisfaction.

As customers enter the dealership, a sensor is triggered, and an image of the license plate is captured by the AXIS P1357-E Network Camera mounted at the canopy above the parking lot. From this image, the license plate recognition system extracts the license number, and by checking this with both Aomori dealership customer management information and dealership appointment information, the system can determine the customer identity. These results are instantly transmitted over the company network to portable terminals used by dealership personnel.

Customers can be identified as soon as they enter the dealership parking lot, and their information is immediately shared with dealership personnel. If they are an existing customer of the Aomori dealership, then even personnel who are not directly responsible for them may greet them by name, and provide them with service.

Additionally, information input at the time of an appointment is also displayed, with personnel able to interact with the customer as soon as they are recognized. This can improve customer trust in the dealership, and increase business efficiency. The new dealership is approximately double the size of its predecessor; however staff numbers have remained unchanged. The introduction of the new system has resulted in better interaction with customers, as well as more efficient management and operations in a dealership that is larger, yet that has a smaller workforce.

In addition to the license plate recognition system, the Aomori dealership has incorporated other innovations. A first for the North Tohoku region, the fully glassed 3D display space incorporates environmentally-friendly LED lighting, and can display up to eight vehicles at the same time.

Moreover, the dealership is on a main road, and is clearly visible to passing vehicles. The waiting area inside resembles a lounge, with a wood finish, and also has a kids' corner. In the midst of this advanced technology, the dealership still manages to provide a welcoming feel that will make customers want to return. This license plate recognition system has been well received, and in the future it is likely to become an indispensable part of car dealerships.

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