ASSA ABLOY ARX Control System secures Chalmers University campus

ASSA ABLOY ARX Control System secures Chalmers University campus

Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden will enjoy state-of-the art security with ASSA ABLOY's ARX Access Control System and 1,700 proximity card readers. The new access control system is modern, future-safe and is expected to provide a high level of security at Chalmers.

2 factors were critical when property owners Chalmers Fastigheter chose ARX and ASSA ABLOY. “First of all, we wanted a modern, future-safe system,” says Ulf Redsater, property manager at Chalmers Fastigheter. “Second, we wanted a reliable supplier we could be sure would be there in the future. The architecture of the ARX access control system is based on open standards rather than specially designed protocols.”

The system, for a total of 30 properties on the Gothenburg campus, is being installed by Swesafe in 3 stages beginning of 2014 and ending in 2015. The primary components are the ARX Access Control System and 1,700 Pando Secure card readers, a part of ASSA's new generation of future-safe readers.

“While developing the Pando card readers,” explains Business Unit Manager Matti Kuismin at ASSA ABLOY, “we focused on ease of use, cost-effectiveness in upgrading the readers as technology advances, and demands for greater card security. In addition, the ARX Access Control System is continuously under development in close collaboration with our installers and customers. We are very pleased that Chalmers Fastigheter chose our system. We see that as proof of the success of our development work.”

The central ARX units have a communication method that is unique in the security industry, but long proven in the world of IT. All central units use dynamic IP addresses, communicate using the SSL/TLS protocol, and automatically switch to customer-specific crypto keys in connection with installation. The method is comparable to how banks communicate.

This means that there is no security risk in installing ARX in a company's or property's existing network, making it a cost-effective solution because it does not require a unique network just for the security system.

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