Axis monitoring system empowers Xiamen Wucun Police Station

Axis monitoring system empowers Xiamen Wucun Police Station

Siming, an economically booming district located in Xiamen city, China, has installed Axis solutions to elevate its overall management and security control. “Axis' Lightfinder technology is a perfect solution to our long-term issue of poor image quality in the low light environments, significantly helping with our criminal investigation.” Says Xu Shijin, instructor at Wucun Police Station, Siming Sub-bureau, Xiamen Public Security Bureau.

Xiamen city is recognized as a “Garden on the Sea”. In recent years, the Siming District of Xiamen has experienced robust development in its economy; its economic power comes out on top of all districts in the province, and takes 1of the leading positions among the downtown districts of the 15 sub-provincial cities nationwide.

The impressive economic performance has also raised the requirements for its overall management and security control. Under the strong leadership of the district party committee and government, the district-level monitoring system has been greatly improved, playing a crucial role in case investigation and security control.

However, there are still some issues within the system: insufficient coverage, too many blind spots, aging devices, and more. For these reasons, the district party committee and government were much concerned.

In order to enhance and innovate social management, both the district party committee and government planned to implement HDTV network video surveillance in the jurisdiction of Wucun police station, Siming District, with the purpose of improving public security capabilities with leading-edge technologies.

Within the jurisdiction of Wucun Police Station, the secondary trunk roads usually have 2-4 lanes; the main entrances/exits are 6 meters wide. There are streetlights on the roads; yet the small alleys are poorly lit. Hence, the city chose to use 4 Axis camera models, namely, AXIS P1354, AXIS P5534, AXIS Q1602 and AXIS Q1604, which provide: Lightfinder (low-light imaging), Wide Dynamic Range and broad coverage. Axis solutions with security and reliability are ensured with bare fiber transmission in conjunction with backbone link redundancy; at the core is the Aimetis platform for managing, storing and retrieval for the whole monitoring system.

Objectives of the project
To build an all-round security control system, thus assuring safety & security and improving comprehensive social management.

To effectively monitor the low light areas by using advanced technologies, resolve the issues associated with the existing monitoring system, such as obscure and noisy night images, and black & white IR images, and thus provide clear and useable images for crime investigation.

To leverage the cameras with frontline technologies, so as to address the functional requirements in the forthcoming years, extend the lifecycle of installations, and protect the value of products.

To choose the devices that meet GB/T 28181-2011 Technical Specifications for the Information Transmission, Exchange and Control of Network Video Surveillance Systems developed by the Ministry of Public Security, and implement the “police stations – sub-bureaus – municipal bureau” three-level network architecture.

Adopt bare fiber transmission and dual link redundancy for the backbone, thus ensuring the network security and reliability.

Outstanding results
AXIS P1354 Network Cameras were installed at the main entrances and exits, in the places where criminal cases are frequently reported, and in the perimeters of schools and small hotels, while AXIS Q1602 Network Cameras are deployed in the places with no or dim light, enabling nighttime surveillance with Lightfinder technology and providing clear color images for criminal investigation.

At the intersections between primary and secondary trunk roads, AXIS Q1604 Network Cameras were installed, which offer the Wide Dynamic Range capabilities for effective license number identification, which enables the police to successfully follow and apprehend suspects.

AXIS P5534 HDTV Dome Network Cameras were installed at the train stations and large markets, enabling broad coverage as well as the possibility to zoom-in images in the event of large gatherings or other events. This allows the police to obtain live information on the scene and leverage central command.

Axis network cameras with smart front-end analytics capabilities provide a solid intelligence foundation for public security administration. The simple but effective smart analytics are uploaded to the front-end cameras with scripts, for the built-in ACAP platform to conduct smart analysis. The more complex analysis is conducted on the central platform server, making it possible to optimize network bandwidth and reduce storage costs in the future.

Moreover, strict quality control in production of Axis network cameras and warranty services available for them assure their low failure rate and long service life, eliminating the risk of having no images for investigation and greatly improving the user experience.

Axis cameras consume less bandwidth than any other competitors, relieving the bandwidth pressure and storage cost of the entire system, reducing the number of switch and storage devices, simplifying its management, and allowing for future expansion.

Axis cameras conform with GB/T 28181-2011 of the Ministry of Public Security, enabling information transmission, exchange and control with the public security network platform; interconnection and intercommunications within the entire public security system; as well as the “police stations – sub-bureaus – municipal bureau” three-level network architecture.

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