Tyco Security Products team-up with Alarm.com for interactive offering

Tyco Security Products team-up with Alarm.com for interactive offering

Tyco Security Products, a pure-play fire protection and security company, announced a new global partnership with Alarm.com.

Alarm.com is a technology provider for connected home services powering over 1 million households. With customized services that include interactive security, video monitoring, energy management and home automation, Alarm.com's technology complements Tyco Security Products' expertise in Interactive hardware solutions.

The partnership includes a close engineering collaboration to ensure the full range of current and future Alarm.com services are supported providing a leading, future-proof platform to dealers globally.

Aligned with Tyco Security Products' multiple-partner strategy for Interactive solutions, the partnership with Alarm.com is a testament to Tyco Security Products' commitment as a player in the global interactive space. Tyco Security Products' role in the development of security solutions, paired with the strengths of interactive security services offered by high-caliber partner brands such as Alarm.com, enhance Tyco Security Products' footprint in the interactive security and connected home space, ensuring customers with additional revenue opportunities and enhanced service standards.

As a whole, customers will continue to benefit from this new, multiple-partner strategy, as Tyco Security Products continues to identify, build on and leverage synergies between global partner businesses.

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