Axis Communications hosted the inaugural school security solutions symposium

Axis Communications hosted the inaugural school security solutions symposium

Axis Communications, a network video surveillance provider, hosted its first School Security Solutions Symposium to discuss planning and technology trends in school security at the Axis Experience Center in Chelmsford. Mass.

Nearly 30 local school practitioners, law enforcement professionals, industry consultants and leading technology vendors participated in 10 sessions, including a focus group discussion, technology expo and two keynote presentations on implementing school safety and emergency response plans and an overview of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

Nicholas Pasquarosa, a Yarmouth Police school resource officer for the Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District, spoke to attendees about the importance of creating a plan and gaining support from faculty, IT, facilities and first responders.

School safety plans are not one size fits all and must be adapted to changing threats, Pasquarosa went on to explain. “You can't copy and paste a security plan because every school is different. Create a plan specifically for your school, your faculty and your community,” he said.

James Smith, a security consultant and CPTED practitioner, discussed how drug activity, community crime rate, the presence of gangs and outsiders and traffic patterns for vehicles and pedestrians have significant impact on the ability to establish and maintain a safe school.

Schools can implement security procedures and equipment upgrades identified through a CPTED audit on an incremental basis to reduce costs. Both existing and new school facilities under development can greatly benefit from new, more efficient lighting and other security technologies.

The forum agenda emphasized how planning and technology can address key areas of school security, including awareness, proactive, action, reaction and recovery. Attendees learned about some of the latest technologies for IP video surveillance from Axis, video synopsis technology from BriefCam, smartphone alert applications from ELERTS, Genetec video management software and outdoor lighting based physical security solutions from TOTUS Solutions.

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