Axis deepens ADP program with more localization

Axis deepens ADP program with more localization

Axis Communications evolves its Application Development Partner (ADP) program with local competence, increasing the range of localized end customer solutions.

“We see the opportunity to work more closely with ADP Partners of strategic importance in local markets as an important step in maintaining our continued global market leadership. By making an investment in dedicated Axis resources in all regions, we will continue to upgrade the ADP Program, further strengthen our market-leading position and create true win-win partnerships”, said Bodil Sonesson, VP of Sales at  Axis Communications.

Axis is leading through partnership with a network of system integrators, consultants, software developers, network infrastructure vendors and more. The ADP Program is a cornerstone of the partner network and of key importance to Axis. The program helps software vendors fully integrate Axis network video products into end-customer solutions. By providing open programming interfaces, technical documentation and specifications, and dedicated support, application developers can easily integrate with Axis' broad product portfolio and unique capabilities.

Axis Communications will now strengthen the ADP Program by recruiting more dedicated personnel for closer collaboration with local and regional ADP partners. Exchanging local competence, market knowledge and cultural/legal awareness will result in earlier integration of Axis products and capabilities in video solutions adapted for a specific region or industry segment.

Axis will introduce three levels of partnership to open engagement, grow business, and reward loyalty with clear benefits and requirements. The program offers focused tools, services and training to meet specific customer needs.

Application Development Partner
All qualified software vendors that are ready to integrate their commercial software with Axis network video products are eligible to join the program as an Application Development Partner. Axis offers a number of technical development tools, support and marketing benefits to help the ADP Partner get a successful start.

Silver ADP
Partners at the Silver level are growing their business together with Axis, focusing on joint business and marketing initiatives. Silver ADPs are successfully meeting the demands of Axis end customers often with specific solutions for prioritized industry segments.

Gold ADP
Gold ADPs are market leading companies, working very closely together with Axis, focusing on early integration and joint business development. Gold level Partners provide robust, flexible and scalable network video applications. They offer first-line support, and have demonstrated that Axis is their preferred surveillance camera vendor.

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