Daycare Center in Taiwan Strengthens Security With Messoa Surveillance

Daycare Center in Taiwan Strengthens Security With Messoa Surveillance

With the new campus recently constructed, the Affiliated Kindergarten of Renhe Elementary School in the suburb of Tainan, Taiwan was looking to deploy an improved network video surveillance solution from the school's original analog system. The new system not only had to provide video images in high definition, it also had to be a cost-effective solution that could be easily installed, operated and maintained.

To address the school's requirement, CoreNet Technologies, a system integrator specializing in campus security, recommended MESSOA network cameras for this project. The cameras were strategically installed at security-critical locations around the campus, such as the main gate and several other entrances, to keep track of personnel access while preventing intrusion and vandalism.

The network camera is a ready-to-go infrared (IR) network camera with an exceptional 2-megapixel video quality during both day and night. The integrated IR illuminator provides the camera with night visibility up to 25 meters in total darkness, delivering a high-detail, round-the-clock video surveillance for the kindergarten. The network cameras's weatherproof housing ensures reliable operation in the humid environment in southern Taiwan.

The cameras come with a free-bundled 16-channel NVR to provide a complete solution that enables the school personnel to view multiple real-time video feeds of the school grounds via the school's IP network with ease. The free-bundled NVR also features advanced motion detection and Region of Interest (ROI) to reinforce the safety measure at critical locations during the off-hours when the security level is at its weakest.

CoreNet Technologies, which primarily focused on CCTV installations, has become more familiar with IP network technology through this project by collaborating with MESSOA. Thanks to MESSOA's technical support, issues encountered during the installation process were able to be promptly resolved without delaying the delivery schedule.

Meanwhile, with the network cameras in place, the kindergarten is very satisfied with the overall improvement in the image quality, simplicity of use, and the benefit of network capabilities compared to the school's old analog system. The network solution from MESSOA has proven to be cost-effective and a perfect fit. The kindergarten is now ready to welcome more students with the new campus and a strengthened security system for the new semester ahead.

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