Five is the New Three

Five is the New Three

This new warranty policy of IQinVision's covers all cameras from the date of purchase and is retroactive to Jan. 1, 2011. “None of our competitors offer such a warranty program,” said Pete DeAngelis, President and CEO. “We've always said that we make the most reliable megapixel cameras in the business; our warranty policy reflects that confidence, and it reflects our commitment to our integrator partners, distributors and end users.”

Similar programs and policies can be seen in other types of products, such as intrusion detectors, provided by manufacturers in Germany and even China. The main reason alluded to by many industry veterans is that the security industry is becoming increasingly “IT-like,” with clients expecting similar “pampering” experience from the consumer electronics world.

No One Left Behind                                                                                                   
Would such extended coverage translate to higher cost? “We make certain that our entire supply chain is appropriately inventoried to handle any warranty issues and demands that arise,” DeAngelis said. “Our MSRPs are not and will not be raised due to this expanded warranty policy. IQinVision has always and will continue to rigorously select our component suppliers.” Each and every camera is also examined and tested, individually, by a highly trained specialist at the California headquarters before shipping.

While no other prominent competitors in the video space are following suit in terms of warranty length, quality issues are never taken lightly. “Axis Communications always helps its partners and end users all the way, to find the best solution,” said Sharon Chong, Marketing Manager for South APAC. “Being a global company acting local, Axis has a global warranty program ensuring to help its customers wherever problems may arise and no matter where the product was purchased. Axis has a three-year warranty for a majority of its products.”

As important as the warranty is the professional and knowledgeable support Axis offers, having been around for 15 years in the network video market, Chong continued. “Axis has a highly skilled and accessible global technical service organization, working in all the phases of the customer relationship chain. Axis' technical support engineers assist throughout the whole project process; they also have an online help desk that gives an overview of the customer support case history.”

Another leader of the pack, Bosch Security Systems, also offers three-year warranties on all its products. “We embody this through our unique, fast central repair concept where we first send a functional product to the site before returning the dysfunctional one to Bosch; this so-called Advance Exchange Process gives us the maximum security on quality repair and correct functioning of our products, and brings the customer satisfaction to a much higher level than traditional carry-in repairs,” said Karel Mulder, Marketing and Sales Manager for EMEA. “We further guarantee repair options till five years after discontinuation of a product, which is unique in our IP range.”

Bosch monitors its repairs continuously and utilizes relevant data for continuous improvement and development of its next generation of products. “Quality is within our DNA, and we also demand that of our component suppliers,” Mulder elaborated. “Additionally, the Bosch Production System ensures a high level of quality in all our factories around the world. With our continuous focus on quality, we reduce our warranty costs and increase customer satisfaction from using our products and services.”

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