Fengtaida Shows Strong Commitment to Manufacturing Quality Speed Domes

Shenzhen Fengtaida Electronics is a high-technology surveillance manufacturer with expertise in research and development, production, assembly and testing. A&S International China Best Buys talks to Glen Qiu, GM, to understand the company's strengths.

R&D Focused
Glen Qiu, GM at Fengtaida ElectronicsWhile Fengtaida was established in 2009, its GM Glen Qiu is a security veteran, with more than a decade of expertise in speed dome development.

Qiu leads an experienced R&D team. “Most of the R&D staffers have worked more than eight years in the speed dome field,” Qiu said. “Early on, we have passed the painstaking stage of developing our own patented technologies. Our products integrate state-of-the-art technologies, such as video content analysis, 32-bit processing and other innovative electromechanical or optical control assemblies. In addition, our products are IP-enabled and can be controlled remotely over the Internet.”

Qiu pointed out that despite the company being new, it possesses R&D capabilities and quality products to stand out from other “me-too” companies. “We do not compromise on quality while we offer competitive prices,” he added. “We will continue to invest in R&D to meet different and challenging market demands by constantly upgrading products and launching new innovations.”

Ensuring Quality
The company's priority is manufacturing quality speed domes. All of its products are subject to rigid inspections and testing before they are launched on the market. To ensure high standards, Fengtaida set up a sophisticated product laboratory - equipped with advanced electronic testing equipment and an air shower room. The testing facility includes a wide range of environmental test equipment, such as high- or low-temperature test instruments, vibration testing devices, corrosion testing boxes and more.

“We run at least 48-hour tests with advanced equipment,” Qiu said. “We make sure that 100 percent of the time we provide a flawless product to our customers. With the automation facilities and testing equipment, we try our best to ensure quality.”

Qiu believes that the company has strong in-house R&D capabilities and advanced manufacturing facilities. Fengtaida also boasts robust technical services and sound management to serve its partners. “We are ready,” he said.

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