Axis Provides Real-time Surveillance Images on Chinese Campus

Axis Provides Real-time Surveillance Images on Chinese Campus
Shandong University is an important university under the Chinese Ministry of Education. It has a long history, a complete range of academic disciplines, a strong academic record, a vibrant management style and an influential position both locally and overseas. It is one of the elite universities under the country's key development projects, namely “Project 211” and “Project 985”. The University currently boasts six campuses: Central, Hongjialou, Baotuquan, Qianfoshan, Software College and Xinglongshan, as well as a subcampus at Weihai, Haibin City. It also boasts a strong team of renowned teachers and a large pool of talented resources.

In order to enhance security management in the student apartments and to ensure the safety of the students, Shandong University needed to implement intelligent management of the entrance and exit of the student apartments. The guarded entry system takes snapshots and carries out real-time surveillance, and a real-time video is recorded at the branch campus and general control center, so as to monitor all movements at all times. The guarded entry system must accurately differentiate the entire body of legitimate users from external personnel, store the entry and exit records of the legitimate users, and capture images to facilitate any investigations in the event of an incident.
In order to provide a safe and convenient lodging environment for the students and to enhance the management standards of the hostel management center, the school decided to adopt a new hostel safety management system comprising of an access control system and network video surveillance system. The two subsystems can be merged together or allowed to function independently. The access control records and video surveillance recordings of the respective apartments are stored in local workstations. Separate control workstations are set up at the respective campus where the hostel management center server and software are installed and recordings for all the apartments in the campus are backed up.

The guarded entry system of Shandong University has achieved the 24-hour surveillance video information and real-time images, and carries out multilevel storage of relevant information and data for more than 30 days. In this way, the entry and exit passage of the student apartments is managed intelligently, ensuring order and security in the student apartments and the safety of the students. The system transmits data through the existing campus network, which greatly reduces wiring costs and construction works. Remote videos are no longer restricted by geographical factors and remote management is more effective and convenient.
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