Panasonic Provides Safe Education Environment for US University

Panasonic Provides Safe Education Environment for US University
Clarion University depends on Panasonic to provide IP-based video surveillance throughout its campus in the Appalachian Mountain region of northwestern Pennsylvania. The university's systems integrator, The Protection Bureau, is enthusiastic about the benefits of Panasonic security systems to Clarion University.

“The proof is in the picture, bottom line; the other specs don't matter,” said Bob Burket, Senior Security Consultant, The Protection Bureau. “For megapixel cameras, Panasonic has the best picture out there, particularly in low-light situations.”

The system at Clarion University is built around Panasonic's NVRs, with a 3-megapixel vandalresistant network camera offering multiple stream formats: H.264, MPEG-4 and JPEG compression. The camera incorporates Panasonic's super dynamic camera technology with 128x dynamic range, adaptive black stretch technology to make dark areas more visible and facial detection technology to better identify subjects.

“This camera does a great job with severe backlighting situations. In low light, it doesn't get any better,” Burket said. The camera's super dynamic image technology allows more sensitivity for lower-light levels. This provides clear images even when light is dim, which is ideal for 24-hour surveillance. Burket noted that Clarion University uses the camera throughout its parking lots and pedestrian walkways where lighting is inconsistent. “The cameras compensate for all of it,” Burket said.

Panasonic cameras provide surveillance of the exterior of two campuses and the interiors of new buildings as they are built or retrofitted. The Protection Bureau has been installing cameras at Clarion University for about a year and will continue with the installations for the next three to five years.

The integrator also expects to be maintaining and servicing the system for many years, which makes the dependability of Panasonic's products particularly appealing.

Clarion University also uses Panasonic's software, which ties together multiple recorders and enables users to view the system as a whole on a computer workstation from a central location.

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