LaserCard Awarded $540,000 Italian Citizen ID Cards Contract

LaserCard, a provider of secure ID solutions, has received an order to supply additional credentials for Italy's Citizen ID card program, known as the Carta d'Identità Elettronica or CIE. The multitechnology ID cards, based on LaserCard's optical security media platform, are used by citizens for identification and travel. The order is valued at approximately US$540,000.

Italy's Citizen ID Card is a key mechanism for security and law enforcement authorities to verify the identity of citizens while preventing the counterfeiting and fraudulent use of vital documents. The program includes special-language ID cards that are issued to citizens living in border regions where languages other than Italian are predominant. A small proportion of the cards from this order will be printed in Slovenian.

LaserCard's multitechnology ID cards are also used by two Italian government agencies — the Ministry of Justice and the National Police (the Carabinieri) — to help protect employees and provide secure access to government services.

“Italy's continuing investment in secure, multitechnology ID credentials highlights the country's commitment to protecting its internal security and the security of its borders through the valid identification of citizens and government employees,” said Robert DeVincenzi, President and CEO of LaserCard.
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