ABP Technology Becomes Basler US Network Camera Distributor

Basler Vision Technologies has teamed with ABP Technology, an IP network and video surveillance distributor based in Texas, U.S. ABP will be responsible for the distribution of Basler's network camera series throughout the U.S.

With ABP, Basler joins a value-added distributor who designs solutions for the IP video surveillance reseller market and who offers strong technical support. ABP has the proven experience and skills to cover the US and the Middle and South American markets in particular, and has the technical expertise that benefits customers.

"Our goal is to always provide integrators with the elements in the video camera market, and we found Basler to be complimentary to our current product mix. Basler cameras have the blend of exceptional light sensitivity, high resolution and high speed that demanding security installations require. Customers and integrators alike know that a high MTBF makes a difference in quality," said Robert Messer, President of ABP International.

"We believe the combination of our product portfolio together with ABP's strength in the distribution of surveillance products will grow our business in the American region and will provide service to our customers," said Marko Vogt, SM at Basler Vision Technologies.

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