Tungson Ages Tech HD IR Network Camera

Tungson Ages Tech — TE-IPIII6300C-H1IR 720P HD/IR Network Camera Shows Quality Performance

Heat-Dissipation Design / Waterproof Port
The TE-IPIII6300C-H1IR features a silver aluminum casing with fine die-casting. With a double-layer sun protection housing, it provides improved heat dissipation to infrared LEDs. The camera's IP66 waterproof design protects all external ports. Connecting ports are clearly labeled on the back of the camera. Its power supply features DC12V input.

The TE-IPIII6300C-H1IR features TCP/IP
transmission output but no analog output. This could be inconvenient for installers adjusting the camera locally. The TE-IPIII6300C-H1IR is designed for day/ night applications, with 18 LEDs in front paired with a photo-resistor for better day/night switching sensitivity. This camera comes with a 6 mm fixedfocal infrared lens. (Fig-1, 2)

720P HD Resolution and Precise Color
The Tungson TE-IPIII6300C-H1IR features an 1/2.5” CMOS, displaying quality HD images even in low-light conditions. It offers dual steam recording — 720P and CIF in MPEG-4 compression format. Resolution displays more than 600 TVL based on 16:9 color plate in MPEG-4 format. The camera's performance reaches true HD resolution. (Fig-3)

The camera was tested for moving object monitoring. Motion footage of a car showed no lag. However, auto-iris day/night network cameras frequently generate noisy images under low-light conditions. The camera's image saturation delivered decent CMOS quality when aimed at a 24-shade color plate. Based on its overall image clarity, hues and S/N ratio, the camera offered above average performance.

Quality Networking
TE-IPIII6300C-H1IR features dual IP streaming in MPEG-4 format. With a 2.048Mbps broadband connection, the transmission rate ranged from 1.79mbps to 2.36Mbps. Even with a 4.96Mbps connection, the bit rate remained stable between 2.3mbps to 2.56mbps. Transmission rates stayed stable with CBR turned on, from 512kbps~4Mbps, with no loss of frames or jerky motion.

Quality Day/Night Switch and Infrared Performance
The TE-IPIII6300C-H1IR is designed for day/ night applications. On its IE menu, users can select automatic or manual night vision, as well as B/W mode, depending on the low-light environment. During testing, the camera was put in a dark box to determine its sensitivity. Illumination was set to under 20 lux, with the camera switching to B/W mode when brightness dropped to around 8 to 10 lux. With the infrared LEDs on, the camera produces clear images and switches at a satisfactory speed. (Fig-4, 5)

This camera shows 50Hz flicker-free, unlike most of IR cameras which suffer serious noise when the LEDs are on. With the LEDs on, B/W images are clear even for moving objects, with no image lag or signal noise. Therefore, this network camera produces quality low-light images.

Friendly Installation and Extra Functions
The TE-IPIII6300C-H1IR supports IE for monitoring. The menu is simple and single-layered for easy operation. Users can operate and adjust all settings directly from its IE interface. Furthermore, it offers a built-in preview on its operating interface, so users can easily see changes while they adjust settings.

The software supports English for user-friendly operation. Meanwhile, free video management software is provided. Functions include preferred settings, image display management, image backup and playback. The camera installs quickly, only requiring integrators to plug in an Ethernet cable and power supply.

Testing Equipments:
16:9 HDTV Testing CHART
TES Illumination Test Meter
24 Color Test CHART
Camera Obscurer
Note Book: P-4 Dual Core RAM-4G/512MB Display
10/100/1000 Base-T 8 PORT SNMP Switch
DU Meter
Electronic Counter

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