BSIA Research Reinforces the Importance of Surveillance Regulations

Research carried out by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) amongst its surveillance section members has confirmed that the sector understands the vital role played by regulation.

In the survey, nearly 56 percent of respondents stated that they are happy with the current level of regulation and a further 33 percent said that they would welcome additional measures in the future.

The survey results are a key indicator of the fact that, contrary to what some commentators may believe, the industry is not against the government exercising reasonable control over the use of surveillance systems, provided that there is adequate consultation with the key parties involved. The BSIA believes that it is in everybody's interest that this technology is applied to best effect to fight crime within an agreed framework, which addresses privacy concerns and other issues so the public's positive regard for surveillance can be maintained.

This research comes at a pivotal time for surveillance and security policy, following signals about an increase in surveillance regulations by the government and the announcement of forthcoming changes to the Security Industry Authority (SIA) with the introduction of a phased transition to a new regulatory regime.
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