ComNet Introduces ComWorx VL 8-Port Managed Ethernet Switch

ComNet Introduces ComWorx VL 8-Port Managed Ethernet Switch

New Ethernet Switch Offers Cost-Effective Solution to Manage Network Traffic
ComNet, Communication Networks of Danbury, Connecticut, a leading manufacturer of fiber optic transmission and networking equipment, has expanded its ComWorx VL line by introducing a cost-effective eight-port Ethernet switch for commercial applications. The CWFE8TX8MS offers eight 10/100TX RJ-45 electrical ports, is fully managed and offers a self-contained power supply. Although a part of the ComWorx VL product line and very competitively priced, the CWFE8TX8MS offers many features such as IGMP snooping and Spanning Tree commonly found on switches with much higher initial costs.

The CWFE8TX8MS is ideally suited for applications in benign environments where temperature extremes are rarely encountered. The CWFE8TX8MS is rated for operation from 0℃ to +50℃ and is ideal for indoor applications.

According to Andrew Acquarulo Jr., ComNet President and COO, “There was a definite need in the market for a feature-rich managed Ethernet switch for use in applications where network traffic requires management.”

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“This ComNet eight-port, all-electrical managed Ethernet switch is different in that there is no fiber interface offered, as not every user has a fiber optic network. There is a very large demand for simple managed Ethernet solutions for price conscious applications that do not require the environmental hardening or fiber optic interface offered by traditional ComNet products. The ComWorx VL CWFE8TX8MS managed switch solves this challenge”, stated Acquarulo.

“With the introduction of the ComWorx VL CWFE8TX8MS managed switch, ComNet has made available a complete commercial rated product line for the specific needs dictated by industrial security applications,” said Skip Haight, ComNet VP of Marketing. “This new line of switches has been designed for applications where functionality and performance is mandatory, but low cost is the primary requirement. In our test marketing of the ComWorx VL switches we found that the ComNet customers who previewed these products appreciated the quality versus cost paradigm offered by the products, but the difference to them was that they were backed by a real US based company that offers the level of support needed to ensure success”, Haight concluded.

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