Allied Telesis Upgrades US District-Wide IP Surveillance System

Allied Telesis Upgrades US District-Wide IP Surveillance System
Allied Telesis, a provider of secure IP/Ethernet switching solutions and in the deployment of converged multiplay networks, has designed and implemented an upgrade enabling the convergence of two networks for the Hoxie, Arkansas School District. By creating a connection between the IP surveillance network and core data network through Allied Telesis Quality of Service (QoS) protocols and network application controls, the upgrade enables delivery of high-bandwidth, real-time surveillance video over the existing core data network without disruption to the district's daily school operations.

Allied Telesis began to supply its networking gear, maintenance, technical support as well as network engineering consultation to the Hoxie School District more than a decade ago. Furthering its relationship with the company, Hoxie School District turned to Allied Telesis to deploy an IP-based security system across its campus environment. The District sought to provide security within halls, offices, educational and recreation facilities, serving approximately 80 classrooms, each with audio-enabled surveillance cameras, yielding a total of 178 cameras.

Based on its experience and knowledge in designing high-speed, multiplay converged networks, Allied Telesis deployed its switches with PoE capabilities for the district's IP-video security surveillance system. Additionally, it created a port-based virtual local area network to separate the school's data and IP surveillance network, ensuring against zero degradation of the network from video “bandwidth-eating” network resources and lowering productivity standards for students, faculty and administration.

In addition to addressing the bandwidth issues of the network, the team was able to create a “controlled connection” between the IP surveillance network and the existing Allied Telesis core network switch, enabling specified school network users access to camera feeds from the surveillance network. In doing so, both QoS and network application control features were leveraged to eliminate network disruptions typically caused by uncontrolled video streams.

The Allied Telesis networking solution leverages established protocols to prioritize and connect designated district employees to confidential IP-based surveillance video. To ensure maximum uptime across the network, the Allied Telesis services team configured the surveillance PoE switches to a second dedicated server to lessen the burden on the district's network. This ensures the network can handle bandwidth-intensive applications from hosting educational webinars and distance learning programs to operational applications such as e-mail, video and voice communications.

“Delivering educational services and a secure environment to students, faculty and staff is of paramount importance,” said Dennis Truxler, Superintendent, Hoxie, Arkansas School District. “We engaged with Allied Telesis to fulfill our mission to deliver communications services to connect people and enable a more collaborative educational environment.”

“We continue to be impressed with the Allied Telesis networking gear and, in particular, their implementation to address our need for convergence of a segmented IP surveillance system to our existing network to provide enhanced campus-wide security,” said Phillip Midkiff, Technology Coordinator, Hoxie, Arkansas School District.
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