ComCam International Resells DRS Wireless Networked Thermal Surveillance

ComCam International, a provider for wireless "command and control" network security solutions, has signed a reseller agreement with the Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition (RSTA) business group of DRS Technologies, a supplier for thermal night vision technology for military and homeland security applications. Under this agreement ComCam can provide its customers with a set of remotely controlled long-range surveillance technologies.

"We have enjoyed a good working relationship for more than five years with DRS. We have jointly fielded systems in some of the most inhospitable spots on the planet with measured success and no down time,” said Don Gilbreath, CEO of ComCam. “Establishing this value-added reseller relationship enables ComCam to bundle thermal surveillance technology with our wireless IP platform and analytics in configurations for commercial and civil markets."

"The combination of the DRS thermal camera line with ComCam's software suite brings a set of remote capabilities that can improve force protection, border security, airport and base security, coastline patrol, and guarding of vulnerable critical infrastructure such as power plants," Gilbreath said.

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