Wren Video Solution Takes Care of Mississippi School District

Wren Video Solution Takes Care of Mississippi School District
Wren, a provider of physical security solutions that create safe learning environments, announced that Water Valley School District has selected the company's video solution for improved school security, easy access to IP video, and scalability to allow the school to grow its video network across the entire school district over time.

James Ditmore, Director of IT for Water Valley Independent School District (ISD), recommended the school move to IP video after operating for years on low-end cameras attached to a VCR. Ditmore was looking for a simple, streamlined, scalable IP video surveillance solution. In addition, he needed a system that would be easy to use, enabling administrators and other staff to use video whenever they needed it, not just in an emergency.

“The solution offers us immediate performance and long-term scalability,” Ditmore said. “The purpose-built appliances made upgrading our video surveillance system to IP an easy plug-and-play process and we can add cameras on demand, as budget funds become available. It's a very practical solution that will accommodate our needs for the long term, and even allow us to integrate IP access control with our video in the future, should we decide to do so.”
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