Raytec LED Illuminators Secures UK University in a Green Way

Raytec LED Illuminators Secures UK University in a Green Way
The University of Sheffield has deployed the LED technology from Raytec to achieve huge energy bill and CO2 savings. In a project conducted by Clear Image, the University has chosen Raytec LED units for upgrades to improve security and ensure the safety of 25,000 students living on campus; providing a safe environment during the hours of darkness.

“The University of Sheffield has a very strong commitment to reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint and we are always keen to look at new ways to reduce environmental impact, as well as costs,” said Phil Riley, Energy Manager, Sheffield. “Choosing energy-efficient outdoor LED lights rather than the more traditional metal halide lights will reduce our energy consumption on these buildings by 63 percent and diminish carbon emissions by more than 22,000 kilograms per Pascal.”

“As an added benefit the illuminators also reduce light pollution as the light can be directed to where it is needed, allowing us to significantly reduce the nuisance of light pollution whilst still providing good illumination for safety and security,” said Pat McGrath, Director of Accommodation & Campus Services (ACS) at Sheffield.
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