Mobotix Surveillance System Retrieves Memories to Historical Maritime Stories

Mobotix, a manufacturer of complete HD IP video systems has installed its surveillance installation which is helping to keep a record of the restoration of the Medway Queen, often called the “Heroine of Dunkirk,” which rescued 7,000 stranded troops from the beaches.

The Medway Queen Preservation Society has worked to restore the ship since being formed 25 years ago. The society eventually plans to operate the steamer as a working museum to encourage a better understanding of the history of the vessel and the role of maritime shipping across the last century. The Medway Queen, which in 1987 was refloated after 14 years under water, was deemed worthy of Heritage Lottery Funding which has enabled the society to instruct the Albion Dockyard in Bristol to build a new fully riveted hull and restore the ship using traditional methods. A riveted hull of this kind is the first to be constructed in the UK for more than 50 years.

The complex and lengthy process is of significant historic interest and to ensure the supporters of the society and historians could maintain an accurate record, the society decided to invest a small sum on a time lapse system to record the rebuild. “We had looked at a number of systems but the quality was poor, it was only until we saw an example of a HD Mobotix system that we were convinced that we could create a record that would do the ship justice,” said Tim Corthorn, Webmaster for the society.

Corthorn contacted NW Systems Group, a local Mobotix partner, who installed a single megapixel camera at the boat yard. “We decided to move the position a little later to get a better view, and the chaps from NW Systems were helpful and professional,” Corthorn explained.

The system connects to a local web-hosting provider who stores monthly footage and makes a video feed available to the Medway Queen Preservation Society website for real-time observation. The Mobotix camera also takes pictures at set intervals which are stored securely, building up an archive showing the extent of the reconstruction. At the end of the rebuild, NW Systems will use the images to create a DVD-quality, time-lapse movie. A second camera is also due to be installed to cover the stern of the ship as well.

“The Mobotix cameras provide us with a great quality images and have been reliable and easy to operate,” Corthorn said.

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